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Boatflex is 100% free to join. You are only charged the 6% renter's fee when your booking is accepted — that's it!

Liability and coverage

We know you'll do your very best to be safe on the water, but we include up to €1M in liability protection through the most trusted insurer in the world, RTM and Insurance partners.

Trusted profiles

Each boat owner undergoes extensive verification with the Boatflex team before being able to list their boat. You will always know who you're booking with!

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From sailboats to powerboats and everything in between, you can find a variety of boats on Boatflex. We surely have something that matches your taste!

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Easily find boats located nearby and filter by price, availability, amenities, and much more. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, give us a call!

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We process transactions with Stripe so you can only worry about having fun. We never store your credit card details.

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Sailing is a social experience — use our platform to meet new friends who also love to sail with the Boatflex community.

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We're here for you whenever you need us. Drop us a line at support@boatflex.com, call (+45) 535-55-500 or chat with us by clicking on the bottom right!

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